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The Texas Parole Packet Writing Guide
with a Complete Sample Packet Inside
Constructing and organizing a comprehensive parole packet and release plan can be a daunting task since it is not something we do all the time. Not everyone is up for the task. Consider this:

Last year, close to 62,000 TDCJ inmates were considered for parole and only 18,600 were approved or close to a 27% approval rate. These numbers vary slightly year after year. This guide is designed to help better the odds of parole by helping you prepare a compelling parole argument that can possibly take a favorable notice by the Parole Board.

The Texas Parole Writing Guide will help build a strong parole case that centers on a single theme – “Evidence of Change”. This writing guide is designed to provide insightful instructions on how to effectively prepare such a packet of information along with presenting the packet to the parole board through a conference call or in person
The Core Sections of the Texas Parole Packet Writing Guide
The first section “Understanding the Journey”, provides an understanding of the principles of knowing your audience and understanding the Parole Guidelines and what elements are involved along with the best way to organize the packet information.

The second section of the guide, “The Principles of Support Writing” provides the in-depth understanding of the components of the support letter. Breaking down paragraphs and centering on the “Evidence of Change” model that the parole board needs to see with clarity.

The third section of the guide is an example of “Complete Parole Packet”. This packet of information shows both strong points to use in your own argument as well as things to watch out for and avoid. This completed example should to frame your own work for parole.

The fourth and final section of the guide helps with “Interviewing and Resumes”.

This guide will help take the fear of writing a persuasive support letter and eliminate the daunting task of creating an excellent parole packet for the parole board to review when making their decision for early release.



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